Sunday 4 January 2015


Read quickly. You'll find out why at the end!

Let me set the scene (circa 1983):
My Dad: "Henry, Mom's not home and I need to wake up at 6 AM for work. Can you set the alarm for me?"
Me: "What? How hard is that? There're just a few buttons. I can't believe you. It's so easy!
Dad: "Just do it." (He came out with the slogan long before that sports gear maker - which will go unnamed - ever did!)

Fast forward (circa 1988):
My Computer Science Professor: "Henry, what can I do for you?"
Me: "I'd like to drop your class."
Professor: "Why?"
Me: "I'll never need that stuff."

That's a decision I'd like to erase from life's hard drive! 'Cause I think I'm still paying for my lack of foresight!

It's tough keeping up with technology, if you're not submersed in it everyday.

I wonder at what point someone just decides to allow the new electronic gadgets and gizmos to leave them in the proverbial dust?
Do you just wake up one night in a cold sweat and say, "I'm done, I can't do it anymore, here's your turn to carry the torch...I mean mouse."
Does your smartphone - or dumb (as in "This dumb phone!) - crash every time you try to download a new app?
And, there has to be a limit on the number of passwords you have to memorize! It was way simpler when I only had to memorize the three digit code for my locker back in high school! Now, I have more passwords than underwear! (Too much info...I know.)
What about Siri? Try calling your wife using the hands-free function while driving and Siri starts dialing another person without waiting for your 'Yes'. And, in a panic you reach for your phone and press every button known to Apple in desperation to end the call!
Is there a technological hill we're all destined to die on? Is there an icon for that so I can speed up the process?
And, the one question I can't seem to find any help with: When passing someone in a hallway, do you acknowledge that you're friends with that person on Facebook or do you pretend that you don't chill out on FB at all? I think it's a secret because no one's telling me the answer!

As soon as you master one app, or game (which I don't do), or some software, or a piece of hardware, and you start feeling good about yourself you're already behind. I need an app just to keep up with all the apps! I just used the word 'app' three times!

I can't quit trying to keep up! I'll have to ignore the cold, night sweats because my recent car ride with 4 teen-aged boys reaffirmed my commitment to stay current. Gotta keep up with the Jones'...or is it the iMacs and Samsungs? Otherwise, I'll be like my Dad who had a hard time hooking up the rabbit ears on our B&W TV back in the day. (Sorry Dad - yokes! LOL!)

So, you're welcome. Thanks to me you're even farther behind the tech curve after reading this article, I mean post, or blog, or whatever I'm doing.

Game hard boyz n girlz, game hard! #Justsayin.

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